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We specialize in new clothes with the design details of vintage. Our ambition is to personify the archetypical “every day girl” from the 1930’s/1940’s/1950’s – the working girl, the homemaker, the socialite – Because most women were not pin-up models! Since we can’t wear fancy dresses all the time, we also delve for "every day" retro clothing and vintage inspired work attire, such as smart blouses, pencil skirts, and vintage reproduction day dresses. We love retro and vintage lifestyle, but you won't look like you're wearing a costume! The *heart* of our store is to connect with extraordinary gals who appreciate retro styles from the past!


Who is Red Dress Shoppe?

My vision for Red Dress Shoppe sprouted in 2001. My philosophy has always been good style does not need to cost a fortune. I spent years - starting as a teenager - shopping at thrift stores and vintage stores, hunting for unique items to find my own personal style. My own fashion roots stem from 25 years in alternative music and art scenes.

For the webstore, I try to pick the best items I can find at the desired price point. Unfortunately, most of the cute stuff out there ends up being from junior/young contemporary manufacturers, where everything is made too teeny-tiny. I regret that many of our items run small!

Over the past 15 years, I have seen many larger competing websites pop-up, while I now find myself juggling children and a business.  How did I grow up so fast?  Haha.  I still love what I do, and I hope I can keep finding and designing cute clothes.

THANK YOU to all my loyal customers for sticking with me through the years! 

- Madeline, Shoppe Keeper


Red Dress Shoppe Artwork

By Candace Jeanette Metzger

By Saelee Oh

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