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Following WWII, more people were traveling by plane and the image behind air travel began to become associated with the glamour and romance of modern society. Thus stewardesses became iconic representations of air travel during the post-war era.  During this time, the fashion model and the flight attendant came to represent the ideas behind new freedoms of modernity for women.

The life of a flight attendant took on a glamorous feel and promised a life of freedom, finding love, and marrying well. Because the flight attendant was a desirable figure, she became what women aspired to be and what men fantasized about. In the 1950s, the flight attendant projected an image of sophisticated femininity, and the uniforms began to be high fashion or couture garments.

A stunning new Red Dress Shoppe *Exclusive*  dress by Stop Staring embodies the era with its irresistible navy blue and dark crimson red color combination.  The neckline is a wide boatneck to accentuate one of the most delicately beautiful parts of a women's body - her neck and collarbone. The charming button n' bowtie details and the darling keyhole opening give this dress an authentically vintage look.

The red accent belt is completely adjustable and moves with you, so when you sit town, it expands for greater comfort!  The cap sleeves are trimmed with matching red piping.  The skirt is an awesome new cut, between a swing and an A-line.  It gives you the flattering silhouette of an A-line with the delicate flow of a swing skirt!

  • Millenium Bengaline Fabric: Nylon, Rayon, Spandex blend
  • Available in size Small - 2XLarge


Size Bust     Waist Hips Collar-Waist Waist-Hem
Small 33-34" 24-25" Open 17" 23"
Medium 35-36" 26-27" Open 17.5" 23.5"
Large 37-38" 28-29" Open 18" 24"
XLarge 39-40" 30-31" Open 18.5" 24.5"
1XLarge 41-42" 32-33" Open 19" 25"
2XLarge 43-44" 34-35" Open 19.5" 25.5"


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